Step One:  The masonite board has been
primed with a light tan coloured gesso
paint and sanded for a smooth surface.
The image was then drawn on using an HB
pencil. It's now ready for painting.
Portrait Painting step one
Portrait Painting step two
Step Two: The baby , mother and light
keys on the piano where masked off and
then the dark areas where painted in using
an airbrush.
Portrait painting step three
Step Three: Started blocking in the basic
colours and detail of the mother and
child, also worked on the white areas of
the piano.
Portrait painting step four
Step Four: Masked off the dark areas I
painted in step 2, then airbrushed the
baby, mother and white keys. This
technique is very useful when you want
to soften the edges and add shadow
colours. It's now ready to add more
detail and clean up the edges using  paint
brushes and thin glazes.
portrait painting step five
Step Five: Added more detail to the
mother and baby using brush and glazing
techniques. I'll continue to add colours
this way until everything looks real.
portrait painting step six
Step Six: This is the finished piece.
The dark areas have more detail than the
scanned picture shows.
Portraits aren't my area of expertise but
they sure are a nice change and challenge
to paint.
wildlife painting step by step
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